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    Croeso i'r Ddosbarth Gweilch a pysgod


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      Naomi Bannaghan
      class teacher

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      • Summer Term 2018 - Transport and Travel

        I hope that you have had a good Easter break.

        Transport and Travel is the theme for the term.  There will be lots of fun opportunities to use our communication skills to describe vehicles, journeys and where we like to go, and maths and thinking skills to investigate shapes, wheels and measurements.  Of course we'll continue to use Oxford Reading Tree, speech and language and regular news sessions to carry on building our language skills.  The children will do some of their work by hand, and some on their iPads (or the class PC) using various apps to record work, write and do illustrations.  We'll crack on with all the maths basics too, revisiting addition and subtraction, money, telling the time, using different tools for measuring.  Our main literacy focus this term is writing, and numeracy is measuring skills - you can find out more about these at  We'll continue developing our personal and social skills, helping our school friend Wally, showing off out good Show Me Five to Dina, looking forward to visits from PC Debbie and Healthy Schools.

        In our afternoon enrichment sessions the children will continue to experience:

        • Just Being Me - body awareness, relaxation and calming skills, sensory art
        • Using My Body - PE and gross motor skills, including our new Sensory Circuit!
        • Play and Being With Others - play and social skills
        • Performing Arts - communication skills
        • Hands On - experiential learning, including trips out and about

        Please help your child by always talking with them, getting them to describe what they can see int the ways they are able to, or using your own words to describe and "open up" places to them.  Go looking for different methods of transport, try some out if you can, what about different ways of moving with our bodies?  Keep them interested in the world around them by showing them your interest - build a sense of exploration and adventure - it will be infectious for them.  Prompt them with simple descriptive words so that they can understand and begin to copy, and always ask them for a little bit more about what they see - how does it make them feel, describe it with another word etc.  Point out numbers when you shop, clocks and time so that they learn that numbers tell them things about the world.  What about going on a bus or train?  Show your child how a timetable works.

        But as ever, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or just news to share about your child - you have the home/school diary or can call any time and I'll get back to you as soon as I can if I am unavailable at the time.  It is of course the term for Yrs3-5 to have their annual reviews and later everyone gets their summer report in advance of parents' evening.  These are formal opportunities for us to share the children's achievements and wellbeing - but do not wait for these times if there is anything you need from school.  Your support and input is so important for us at school to be able to do our jobs to the best we can, and is always greatly appreciated.

        I look forward to a happy and productive Summer Term.