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    Friends of Ysgol Pen Coch ran their first Summer Holiday Club at Ysgol Pen Coch in July 2010. It was open for the first three weeks of the summer holidays, four days a week, from the hours of 10.00am till 2.00pm.

    Sian Edwards, TA 3, from Ysgol Pen Coch was the clubs manager and it was staffed entirely by people who also work for the school. This ensured a very highly skilled and experienced team who also knew all the children atending well.

    With the kind permission of Ms Ange Anderson, the club was able to use bases in the school and all of the playground facilities fantastic benefit to the children as they were happy and confident in their surroundings.  





    The club limited its spaces to 16 children a day, aged between 3 and 11 years, with 8 members of staff and the clubs manager. Each child was assigned a key worker who was responsible for them each day.

    Both staff and parents all thought the club was a great success, and all the children who attended had great fun, which the photos show! 

       As a result the club has gone from strength to strength and runs at Easter too.The hours increased to from 10am to 3pm and the numbers increased to 30 .

    This year, thanks to the fundraising  efforts of FoYPC and the financial support from Action for Children the club will run for the full six weeks of the summer (mon-thurs). For the first 3 weeks the manager will be Sarah Flavell and for the second 3 weeks the manager will be Deb Astles.