• Friends Of Ysgol Pen Coch

    Friends Of Ysgol Pen Coch

    The Friends of Ysgol Pen Coch (FOYPC) was established in 2010 to advance the education of the children attending the school, by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school, not normally provided by the Local Authority. FOYPC is the Pen Coch School Parent Teachers Association made up of staff and parents/carers The Association aims to * foster more extended relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school and * engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the children attending it. Every half term the FOYPC. Committee attends a meeting to work together to organise social and recreational events for parents, children and staff and aims to provide numerous items of equipment and financial help with major purchases. One of the most valuable contributions made by the FOYPC. are playschemes during the Easter and also long summer vacation. The Easter scheme runs for 4 days ( Mon -Thurs 10 -3 )and the summer scheme runs for three weeks ( 4 days a week) in school and is organised by paid play leaders supported by voluntary helpers. The scheme is financed by the fund raising efforts of the FOYPC. Other Regular events that FOYPC help run are Christmas and summer fairs, summer barbeque and spring plant sales. FOYPC aim to also raise funds for Christmas and educational entertainments for the children. Whilst it may not be possible to make the playscheme available to all children due to the child’s specific needs, efforts are made to include as many pupils as possible. Information about the FoYPC is sent out automatically to parents, however contact may be made with the FOYPC. Secretary, or the Chairperson, Hannah Maddock via Pen Coch School at any time on 01352 792730. Please feel free to contact us on how to get involved or come along to one of our meetings.

  • March 2015 Update

    Friends of Ysgol Pen Coch AGM meeting Friday 13th March at 10am Staff Room.


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