• General

    Continuing Professional Development

    • Staff training provided

      The following training is provided for all staff in Ysgol Pen Coch:

      Induction/good practice

      Autism awareness/PECS/Teacch/Social stories

      Manual handling *

      Child protection/safeguarding

      Radicalisation & tackling extremism

      Incredible years

      Health and safety

      Makaton *

      Behaviour management *

      SIP day


      Administration of medications

      Buccal/asthma/epipen/epilepsy training

      Ipad apps/ICT training

      Specialist training received by some staff:

      Forest schools                          AOLE (Pioneer schools)                          

      Auditory integration                  Reflexology

      Intensive interaction                  Irlen Lens    

      Team teach                                POPAT *             

      Sound beam/Skoog                   Story massage                                          

      Boo zoo                                      Numicon                                                   

      PECS                                         Tac pac                                                   

      Lego based therapy                   Elklan                                                        

      Hydrotherapy                             Elklan                                                        

      SALT                                          First aid                                                      

      Horse riding                                HWB                                                           

      Rebound therapy                        Auditory integration                                  

      First aid                                       Hocus Focus                                              

      DIR floortime                               NVQ levels 2,3,5                                           

      Sherborne                                   MIDAS

      Venturing into play                      BSquared assessment

      RM maths                                    Music therapy


      *POPAT training can be provided externally.  ICT/behaviour management/manual handling outreach support is available.  Makaton training can be provided for schools with a link to YPC.  Please contact the school for further details

      Topic 6