Topic outline

  • Rebound Therapy

    Eddy Anderson, the founder of Rebound Therapy, answers the question:
    What is Rebound Therapy?

    Summary: The phrase ‘Rebound Therapy’, when correctly applied, describes a specific methodology, assessment and programme of use of trampolines to provide opportunities for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic positioning, exercise and recreation for a wide range of users with additional needs.

    Benefits of Rebound Therapy

    Some of the benefits of Rebound Therapy include the developing and improvement of:

    • Strength of limbs
    • Numeracy
    • Patience
    • Communication
    • Co-ordination
    • Independence
    • Self-confidence
    • Balance
    • Muscle tone
    • Reaction speed
    • Self-image
    • Eye contact
    • Relaxation
    • Freedom of movement
    • Sense of achievement
    • Stamina
    • Spatial awareness
    • Body awareness
    • Social awareness
    • Consideration of others
    • Trust and confidence in Coach/Assistant
    • Colour recognition
    • Height and depth perception
    • Fun and enjoyment

    Other benefits include:

    Stimulation of digestive system,
    Improved bowel function,
    Internal organ massage,
    Clearing of toxins from the body.