Topic outline

  • Inclusion statement


    Ysgol Pen Coch is a special school catering for a wide range of children ranging from those who experience complex, severe and profound learning difficulties to pupils with moderate learning difficulties.  All pupils will be operating at development levels considerably in deficit or delay to their chronological age and their mainstream peers.  The school accommodates pupils aged 2-11.


    Children are generally placed in appropriate Key Stage class groups wherever possible and each class is supported according to need.

    The Foundation Phase and Key stages 2 classes receive the full range of National Curriculum core and Foundation subjects at a level appropriate to their needs.  Activities are highly differentiated and skills are drawn from earlier key stages as required.

    The range of our 'whole curriculum' framework at Ysgol Pen Coch encompasses:-

    • Routes for learning
    • Foundation phase Curriculum
    • Sensory and therapeutic priorities
    • Our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to their present and anticipated future needs and is identified by their:-
    • Statement of Special Educational Need
    • Annual review
    • Individual Education plan 

    The main purpose of our curriculum is to enhance the quality of life of our pupils and to provide them with functionally useful skills, knowledge and understanding.

    Helping pupils achieve

    Parents are a child's first and principle educator.  They play a vital role in helping their children learn.  As a school the principle of working in close partnership with parents is well established, highly valued and supported.  Strong links exist between school and parents most notably through parent partnership.

    It is the role of all the staff to implement inclusion throughout the school to liaise with schools to arrange and secure the appropriate placement for each pupil.  We strive to achieve the best inclusion placement that is available to us and aim to facilitate this where we are able, through the child's local community to ensure friendships and support within their own locality.

    Colette Smith-Aldous

    Inclusion co-ordinator

    • Spring/Summer 2017

      We presently have 10 children attending Ysgol Gwynedd each lunchtime for inclusion.  They join mainstream pupils for lunch and play opportunities and can access the chill out club where they can join their friends for play and social activities.

      2 children attend Ysgol Gwynedd daily for numeracy and literacy sessions.  

      1 child attends his local mainstream school for a full afternoon every week and he does topic work in his own community.

      Some Foundation pupils attend continuous provision sessions at Ysgol Gwynedd and Key stage 2 pupils for topic based sessions and PE.

      There are other opportunities within school for internal inclusion in other classes with their peer groups. 

      Colette Smith-Aldous

      Inclusion co-ordinator