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    Useful glossary of educational abbreviations



    A glossary of many of the abbreviations and acronyms is

    provided below which you are likely to encounter in meetings.

    There is also an extra  alphabetical list at the end .


    ACAS - Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service

    ACE - Advisory Centre for Education

    ADEW - Association of Directors of Education in Wales

    CES - Catholic Education Society

    CCET - Community Consortium for Education and Training

    CETW - Council for Education and Training Wales

    DDE - Diocesan Director of Education

    DCELLS - Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning & Skills

    DfE - Department for Education

    EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management

    EHRC - Equality and Human Rights Commission

    ESRC - Economic and Social Research Council

    ESTYN* - Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales

    GTCW - General Teaching Council for Wales

    HMSO - Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

    HSE - Health & Safety Executive

    IIS - Independent Investigation Service

    LA - Local Authority

    NAC - National Assembly Commission

    NAfW - National Assembly for Wales

    NASEN - National Association for Special Educational Needs

    NCPTA - National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations

    NFER - National Foundation for Educational Research

    NGA - National Governors Association

    NGFL - National Grid for Learning

    NS - National Society

    OfSTED - Office for Standards in Education

    OPSI - Office of Public Section Information

    SNAP - Special Needs Advisory Project

    STRB - School Teacher Review Body

    TES - Times Educational Supplement

    WAG - Welsh Assembly Government

    WJEC - Welsh Joint Education Committee

    WLGA - Welsh Local Government Association

    * Estyn is not an acronym. It is a Welsh word meaning to reach/extend May 2011


    CEO - Chief Education Officer

    CSO - Chief Schools Officer

    DOE - Director of Education

    ESP - Education Strategic Plans

    EWO - Education Welfare Officer

    GSU - Governor Support Unit

    ITT - Initial Teacher Training

    LAC - Looked After Children

    NNEB - National Nursery Examination Board

    PGR - Parent Governor Representative

    PRU - Pupil Referral Unit

    SSA - Standard Spending Assessment

    VA - Value Added


    HMI - Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools

    PIC - Pre-Inspection Commentary

    RI - Reporting Inspector

    SAP - School Action Plan

    SER - Self-Evaluation Report


    ASCL - Association of School and College Leaders

    ATL - Association of Teachers and Lecturers

    GMB - Britain’s General Union

    NAHT - National Association of Headteachers

    NASUWT - National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers

    NUT - National Union of Teachers

    UCAC - National Association of Teachers in Wales

    UNISON - Union of Public Service Employees

    UNITE * - Union formed by the merger of T&G and Amicus

    Voice * - The Union for Education Professionals

    * Not an acronym


    CRB - Criminal Records Bureau

    DDA - Disability Discrimination Act

    ELLC - Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

    FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

    IIP - Investors in People

    ISA - Independent Safeguarding Authority

    PFI - Private Finance Initiative

    SENDA - Special Education Needs and Disability Act

    SI - Statutory Instrument

    SSFA - Schools Standard and Framework Act

    SENDIST - Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal

    STP&CD - School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document May 2011


    ‘A’ Level - Advanced Level

    ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

    ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    AEN - Additional Educational Needs

    ALS - Additional Literary Support

    ALN - Additional Learning Needs

    ALNCO - Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator

    AN - Admission Number

    APM - Annual Parents’ Meeting

    APR - Annual Parents’ Report

    APG - Associate Pupil Governors

    ‘AS’ Level - Advanced Subsidiary Level

    AT - Attainment Target

    AWPU - Age-Weighted Pupil Unit

    BSF - Better Schools Fund

    BTEC - Business and Technology Education Council

    CIF - Common Inspection Framework

    CFR - Consistent Financial Reporting

    CPD - Continual Professional Development

    CSI - Core Subject Indicator

    EAL - English as an Additional Language

    EBD - Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

    EMAs - Education Maintenance Allowances

    EMAS - Ethnic Monitoring Advisory Service

    EPD - Early Professional Development

    EWO - Education Welfare Officer

    FE - Further Education

    FEI - Further Education Institution

    FSM - Free School Meals

    FTE - Full Time Equivalent

    GB - Governing Body

    GCE - General Certificate of Education

    GCSE - General Certificate of Secondary Education

    GNVQ - General National Vocational Qualification

    HE - Higher Education

    HLTA - Higher Level Teacher Assistant

    HOD - Head of Department

    HOY - Head of Year

    HSA - Home-School Agreement

    ICT - Information Communications Technology

    IEP - Individual Education Plan

    INSET - In-Service Education and Training

    ISF - Innovative Schools Fund

    ISR - Individual School Range

    ITT - Initial Teacher Training

    KS - Key Stage

    LAC - Looked After Children

    LAP - Language and Play May 2011


    LPSH - Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers

    LSA - Learning Support Assistant

    MLD - Moderate Learning Difficulties

    MFL - Modern Foreign Languages

    NC - National Curriculum

    NDC - National Data Collection

    NOR - Number on Roll

    NPQH - National Professional Qualification for Headship

    NQT - Newly Qualified Teacher

    NRA - National Record of Achievement

    NVQ - National Vocational Qualification

    OSHL - Out of School Hours Learning

    PGCE - Post-Graduate Certificate of Education

    PHIP - Professional Headship Induction Programme

    PI - Performance Indicator

    PLC - Professional Learning Community

    PLASC - Pupil Level Annual School Census

    PPA - Preparation, Planning and Assessment time

    PRP - Performance Related Pay

    PSHE - Personal, Social and Health Education

    PTA - Parent Teacher Association

    PTR - Pupil Teacher Ratio

    QTS - Qualified Teacher Status

    RE - Religious Education

    ROA - Record of Achievement

    SATs - Standard Assessment Tasks

    SBIG - School Buildings Improvement Grant

    SDP - School Development Plan

    SEF - School Effectiveness Framework

    SEN - Special Educational Needs

    SENCO - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

    SIMS - School Information and Management System

    SIP - School Improvement Plan

    SL - Subject Leader

    SLA - Service Level Agreement

    SLD - Severe Learning Difficulties

    SLMs - School Leadership Modules

    SMT - Senior Management Team

    STA - Statutory Teacher Assessments

    S3i - Supported School Self-Improvement

    TLR - Teaching and Learning Responsibility

    UPN - Unique Pupil Number

    UPS - Upper Pay Scale

    VA - Voluntary-Aided

    VC - Voluntary Controlled

    WED - Welsh Examinations Database

    WIMD - Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation

    WRE - Work Related Education



    • AAC


    Alternative Augmented Communication

    • ABC



    • ABE


    Adult Basic Education

    • ACE


    Aiding Communication in Education

    • ACPC


    Area Child Protection Committee

    • ADD


    Attention Deficit Disorder

    • ADHD


    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    • ADO


    Adult Dyslexia Organisation

    • ADS


    Adult Dyslexia Support

    • AEN


    Additional Educational Needs

    • AFASIC


    Association for All Speech Impaired Children

    • AfL


    Assessment for Learning

    • AGD


    Advisory Group on Disability

    • AGT


    Able, Gifted and Talented

    • AIM


    Autism in Mind

    • ALD


    Adults with Learning Difficulties

    • ALL


    Accreditation for Life and Living

    • ALS


    Additional Learning Support

    • ALS


    Additional Literacy Support

    • AoL


    Assessment of Learning

    • APD


    Auditory Processing Disorder

    • ARB


    Area Resource Base

    • ARB


    Autistic Resource Base

    • ARC


    Annual Review Cycle

    • ARM


    Annual Review Meeting

    • ASD


    Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    • ASDAN


    Award Scheme Development And Accreditation Network

    • AST


    Advanced Skills Teacher

    • AT


    Attainment Target

    • AtW


    Access to Work

    • AUT


    Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    • AWCEBD


    Association of Workers for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties


    • BAS


    British Ability Scales

    • BASIL


    Basic Skills for Inclusive Learning

    • BATOD


    British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

    • BDA


    British Dyslexia Association

    • BeCo


    Behaviour Coordinator

    • BECTa


    British Educational Communications & Technology Agency

    • BESD


    Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties

    • BEST


    Behaviour Education Support Team

    • BILD


    British Institute of Learning Disabilities

    • BIP


    Behaviour Improvement Programme

    • BIT


    Behavioural Inattention Test

    • BJSE


    British Journal of Special Education

    • BME


    Black and Minority Ethnic

    • BPS


    British Psychological Society

    • BPVS


    British Picture Vocabulary Scale

    • BSA


    Basic Skills Agency

    • BSF


    Building Schools for the Future

    • BSL


    British Sign Language

    • BSP


    Behaviour Support Plan

    • BSQM


    Basic Skills Quality Mark

    • BST


    Behaviour Support Team


    • C&FS


    Child & Family Service

    • C&G


    City and Guilds

    • CA


    Classroom Assistant

    • CAF


    Common Assessment Framework

    • CAL


    Cognitive and Learning

    • CAMH


    Community & Adolescent Mental Health Service

    • CAP


    Communication Aids Project

    • CAST


    Childhood Asperger Syndrome Test

    • CATs


    Cognitive Ability Tests

    • CDC


    Child Development Centre

    • CDC


    Council for Disabled Children

    • CFCS


    Child and Family Consultation Service

    • CHEN


    Children with Mental Health and Educational Needs

    • CiC


    Children in Care

    • CiN


    Children in Need

    • CLA


    Children Looked After

    • CLD


    Complex Learning Difficulties

    • CMS


    Children’s Memory Scale

    • COG


    Cognitive Exceptional

    • CoP


    Code of Practice

    • CP


    Cerebral Palsy

    • CP


    Child Protection

    • CPA


    Child Protection Agency

    • CPD


    Continuing Professional Development

    • CPC


    Children in Public Care

    • CPR


    Child Protection Register

    • CRE


    Commission for Racial Equality

    • CReSTeD


    Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching

    • CRISP


    Criteria for Special Provision

    • CSIE


    Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education

    • CVC


    Consonant Vowel Consonant

    • CXS


    Connexions Service

    • CYPSP


    Children and Young People Strategic Partnership

    • CYPU


    Children and Young People's Unit


    • DA


    Dyslexia Action

    • DAMP


    Deficit in Attention, Motor Processing and Perception

    • DAP


    Disability Action Plan

    • DAST


    Dyslexia Adult Screening Test

    • DCCAP


    Deaf Children’s Communication Aids Provision

    • DCSF


    Department for Children, Schools and Families

    • DDA


    Disability Discrimination Act

    • DED


    Disability Equality Duty

    • DEE


    Disability Equality in Education

    • DfES


    Department for Education & Skills

    • DI


    Dyslexia Institute (now Dyslexia Action)

    • DLO


    Disability Liaison Officer

    • DPAU


    Disability Policy Advisory Unit

    • DRC


    Disability Rights Commission

    • DRCA


    Disability Rights Commission Act

    • DRTF


    Disability Rights Task Force

    • DS


    Down Syndrome

    • DSA


    Disabled Student’s Allowance

    • DSD


    Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (Dyspraxia)

    • DSP


    Designated Special Provision

    • DST


    Dyslexia Screening Test

    • DT


    Design and Technology


    • EAL


    English as an Additional Language

    • EAZ


    Education Action Zone

    • EBD


    Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

    • EBP


    Education Business Partnership

    • ECM


    Every Child Matters

    • EMPSU


    Ethnic Minority Pupil Support Unit

    • ECYPPC


    Education of Children and Young People in Public Care

    • EDC


    Equality and Diversity Committee

    • EFL


    English as a Foreign Language

    • EiC


    Excellence in Cities

    • ELG


    Early Learning Goal

    • ELS


    Early Literacy Support

    • EMAG


    Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant

    • EMAS


    Ethnic Minority Achievement Service

    • EMS


    Education Management System

    • EMTAG


    Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Grant

    • EO


    Equal Opportunities

    • EOC


    Equal Opportunities Commission

    • EOTAS


    Education Other Than At School

    • EP


    Educational Psychologist

    • EPF


    Earmarked Pupil Funding

    • EPS


    Educational Psychology Service

    • ESL


    English as a Second Language

    • ESN


    Educationally Subnormal (obsolete)

    • ESOL


    English for Speakers of Other Languages

    • ESW


    Education Social Worker

    • EWA


    Educational Welfare Assistant

    • EWO


    Educational Welfare Officer

    • EY


    Early Years

    • EYA


    Early Years Action

    • EYAP


    Early Years Action Plus

    • EYCDP


    Early Years and Childcare Development Partnership

    • EYDCP


    Early Years Development and Childcare Plan

    • EYDP


    Early Years Development Partnership

    • EYIDP


    Early Years Inclusion Development Programme


    • FAITH


    Focusing on Autism in the Home

    • FE


    Further Education

    • FLS


    Further Literacy Support

    • FS


    Foundation Stage

    • FPLD


    Foundation for People with Learning Difficulties

    • FSM


    Free School Meals

    • FSP


    Foundation Stage Profile


    • G & T


    G & T Gifted and Talented

    • GDD


    Global Developmental Delay

    • GLD


    General Learning Difficulties

    • GLD


    Generic Learning Difficulty

    • GLD


    Gifted Learning Disabled

    • GLD


    Global Learning Delay

    • GLD


    Global Learning Difficulties

    • GCSE


    General Certificate of Secondary Education

    • GNVQ


    General National Vocational Qualification


    • HD


    Huntington’s Disease

    • HD


    Hyperactivity Disorder

    • HE


    Higher Education

    • HEART


    Handling Emotions, Aggression and Restraint

    • HHEPRU


    Hospital and Home Education Pupil Referral Unit

    • HI


    Hearing Impairment

    • HLN


    Higher Level Needs



    Higher Level Teaching/SupportAssistants

    • HoD


    Head of Department

    • HoY


    Head of Year

    • HSA


    Home School Agreement

    • HT


    Head Teacher


    • IAP


    Individual Action Plan

    • IBP


    Individual Behaviour Plan

    • ICT


    Information and Communications Technology

    • IDP


    Inclusion Development Programme

    • IEP


    Individual Education Plan

    • IES


    Inclusive Education Service

    • ILP


    Individual Learning Plan

    • ILS


    Integrated Learning System

    • INSET


    In Service Training

    • IPS


    Independent Parental Supporter

    • IPSEA


    Independent Panel for Special Education Advice

    • IQ


    Intelligence Quotient

    • IQM


    Inclusion Quality Mark

    • ISEY


    Inclusion Support Early Years

    • ISP


    Individual Support Plan

    • IT


    Information Technology


    • ITT


    Initial Teacher Training


    • JCQ


    Joint Council for Qualifications


    • KS


    Key Stage


    • L&C


    Language and Communication

    • LA


    Local Authority

    • LAC


    Looked After Child

    • LADS


    Lucid Adult Dyslexia Screening

    • LAL


    Language & Literacy Centre

    • LASS


    Lucid Assessment Systems for Schools

    • LD


    Learning Difficulty

    • LDD


    Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

    • LEA


    Local Education Authority

    • LLP


    Lifelong Learning Plan

    • LS


    Learning Styles

    • LSA


    Learning and Skills Act

    • LSA


    Learning Support Assistant

    • LSC


    Learning and Skills Council

    • LSCWC



    • LSP


    Learning Support Practitioner

    • LSS


    Learning Support Service

    • LSU


    Learning Support Unit

    • LSW


    Learning Support Worker

    • LTM


    Long Term Memory


    • MA


    Modern Apprenticeship

    • MAGT


    More able, gifted and talented

    • MAP


    Multi-Agency Planning

    • MAT


    Most Able and Talented

    • MAT


    Multi-Agency Team

    • MBSS


    Medical and Behavioural Support Service

    • MDA


    Mid-day Assistant

    • MDS


    Mid-day Supervisor

    • MDT


    Multi-Disciplinary Team

    • MECSS


    Minority Ethnic Curriculum Support Service

    • MFL


    Modern Foreign Languages

    • MidYIS


    Middle Years Information System

    • MIN


    Meeting Individual Needs

    • MIS


    Management Information System

    • MLD


    Moderate Learning Difficulties

    • MND


    Motor Neurone Disease

    • MNSI


    Multi-needs sensory impairment

    • MPA


    Multi-Professional Assessment

    • MSA


    Midday Supervisory Assistant

    • MSI


    Multisensory Impairment


    • NACE


    National Association for Able Children in Education

    • NAGC


    National Association for Gifted Children

    • NALDIC


    National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum

    • NAS


    National Autistic Society

    • NASEN


    National Association for Special Educational Needs



    National Association for Teachers of English and Community Languages

    • NC


    National Curriculum

    • NCB


    National Children’s Bureau

    • NERS


    National Exclusions Reporting System

    • NLS


    National Literacy Strategy

    • NLT


    National Literacy Trust

    • NMSS


    Non-maintained special school

    • NNEB


    Nursery Nurse

    • NNS


    National Numeracy Strategy

    • NP


    Named Person

    • NQT


    Newly Qualified Teacher

    • NSSEN


    Non-Statemented Special Educational Needs

    • NTA


    Non-Teaching Assistant


    • ODD


    Oppositional Defiance Disorder

    • OfSTED


    Office for Standards in Education

    • OSCI


    Out of School Childcare Initiatives

    • OT


    • Occupational Therapy


    •  PA



    Personal Adviser

    • PA


    Personal Assistant (Direct Payments)

    • PANDA


    Performance and Assessment Data

    • PAR


    Pupils At Risk

    • PASSIS


    Physical and Sensory Impairment Support Services

    • PAST


    Pupils Assessment and Support Team

    • PAT


    Phonological Abilities Test

    • PAT


    Phonological Awareness Training

    • PATOSS


    Professional Association of Teachers of SpLD Students

    • PCF


    Parent Carer Forum

    • PCT


    Primary Care Trust

    • PD


    Physical Difficulty

    • PDA


    Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

    • PE


    Physical Education

    • PEACH


    Parents for the Early Intervention of Autism in Children

    • PECS


    Picture Exchange Communication System

    • PEP


    Personal Education Plan

    • PEVP


    Panel for Excluded and Vulnerable Pupils

    • PH


    Partial Hearing

    • PH


    Physically Handicapped

    • PHAB


    Phonological Assessment Battery

    • PHU


    Physically Handicapped Unit

    • PI


    Physically Impaired

    • PIE


    Plymouth Inclusive Education

    • PIO


    Pupil Inclusion Officer

    • PIT


    Pupil Inclusion Team

    • PIVATS


    Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting

    • PLASC


    Pupil Level Annual Schools Census

    • PMD


    Physical and Medical Difficulties

    • PMLD


    Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

    • PNI


    Physically and Neurologically Impaired

    • PoS


    Programme of Study

    • PPS


    Parent Partnership Scheme

    • PPSW


    Pupil Parent Support Worker

    • PRC


    Pupil Referral Centre

    • PREPS


    Pre School Educational Psychologist

    • PRP


    Pupil Referral Panel

    • PRU


    Pupil Referral Unit

    • PS


    Partially Sighted

    • P-Scale


    Performance (below NC level 1) Scale

    • PSD


    Personal and Social Development

    • PSHE


    Personal, Social and Health Education

    • PSI


    Physical and Sensory Impairment

    • PSLD


    Physical and Severe Learning Difficulties

    • PSP


    Pastoral Support Programme

    • PSS


    Pupil and School Support

    • PTSD


    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • PX


    Permanent Exclusion


    • QNST


    Quick Neurological Screening Test


    • RA


    Reading Age

    • RAS


    Referral & Assessment Service

    • RCSLT


    Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

    • RE


    Religious Education

    • REMA


    Race Equality and Minority Achievement

    • RNIB


    Royal National Institute for the Blind

    • RNID


    Royal National Institute for the Deaf

    • RoA


    Record of Achievement


    • S


    Statement (of Special Educational Needs)

    • S&L


    Speech and Language

    • SA


    School Action

    • SA


    Spelling Age

    • SA


    Statutory Assessment

    • SA


    Supervisory Assistant

    • SA+


    School Action Plus

    • SALT


    Speech and Language Therapist

    • SATs


    Standard Assessment Tasks

    • SCD


    Severe Communication Difficulties

    • SCLD


    Social communication and language disorder

    • SCRIP


    South Central Regional Inclusion Partnership

    • SCS


    Special Schools Consultancy Service

    • SEAL


    Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

    • SEAL


    Special Educational Advice Line

    • SEAL


    Service for English as an Additional Language

    • SEBD


    Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

    • SEBDA


    Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association

    • SEBS


    Social, Emotional and Behavioural Skills

    • SEF


    Self Evaluation Form

    • SEN


    Special Educational Needs

    • SENATS


    SEN Advisory and Teaching Service



    SEN Age Weighted Pupil Unit

    • SENCo


    Special Educational Needs Coordinator

    • SEND


    Special Educational Needs Database

    • SENDA


    Special Educational Needs and Disability Act



    Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal

    • SENIMS


    Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools

    • SENIOS


    Special Educational Needs in Ordinary Schools

    • SENISS


    Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Support Service

    • SENJIT


    Special Educational Needs Joint Initiative for Training

    • SENT


    Special Educational Needs Tribunal

    • SENTC


    Special Educational Needs Training Consortium

    • SEP


    Senior Educational Psychologist

    • SEU


    Social Exclusion Unit

    • SERF


    Special Education Resource Facility

    • SEWO


    Senior Education Welfare Officer

    • SfWL


    Skills for Working Life

    • SIMS


    Schools Information Management Systems

    • SIS


    Sensory Inclusion Service

    • SL


    Sensory Loss

    • SLCN


    Speech, Language and Communication Needs

    • SLD


    Severe Learning Difficulties

    • SLDD


    Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

    • SLI


    Specific Language Impairment

    • SLI


    Sign Language Interpreter

    • SLT


    Speech and Language Therapist

    • SLTA


    Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

    • SM


    Selective Mutism

    • SMART


    Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed

    • SMDS


    Schools Multi-Cultural Development Service

    • SMIRA


    Selective Mutism Information and Research Association

    • SN


    Special Needs

    • SNA


    Special Needs Assistant

    • SNAP


    Special Needs Accommodation Panel

    • SNAP


    Special Needs Active Partnership

    • SNAP


    Special Needs Activity Project

    • SNAP


    Special Needs Advisory Project

    • SNAP


    Special Needs Assessment Profile

    • SNIP


    Special Needs Improvement Plan

    • SNIP


    Special Needs Information Press

    • SNIPS


    Special Needs Interest Parents’ Support Group

    • SNSS


    Special Needs Support Service

    • SNST


    Special Needs Support Team

    • SoW


    Scheme of Work

    • SPD


    Semantic Pragmatic Disorder

    • SpLD


    Specific Learning Difficulties

    • SRP


    Statement Resources Panel

    • SS


    Special School

    • SS


    Standardised Score

    • SSA


    Special/Senior Support Assistant

    • SSE


    Sign Supported English

    • SSPD


    Sunderland Support for Parents with Disabilities

    • STA


    Specialist Teaching Assistant

    • STM


    Short Term Memory

    • SULP


    Social Use of Language Programme


    • TA


    Teaching Assistant

    • TALENT


    Training Adult Literacy, EAL and Numeracy Teachers

    • TEFL


    Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

    • TES


    Traveller Education Service

    • TESOL


    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

    • TLR


    Teaching and Learning Responsibility

    • TS


    Thinking Skills

    • TS


    Tourette Syndrome


    • UDP


    University Disability Plan for Students


    • VAC


    Very Able Children

    • VAK



    • VAS


    Voice activated software

    • VI


    Visual Impairment

    • VRQ


    Verbal Reasoning Quotient


    • WBL


    Work Based Learning

    • WOND


    Wechsler Objective Numerical Dimensions

    • WORD


    Wechsler Objective Reading Dimensions

    • WRAT


    Wide Range Achievement Test




    • YELLIS


    Year Eleven Information System

    • YIP


    Youth Inclusion Programme

    • YISP


    Youth Inclusion and Support Panels

    • YOT


    Youth Offending Team