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  • General

    YPC School Council

    School Council Members

    Sam Stenhoff - Teacher leading                       Gavin Shakespeare - TA leading

    Samuel - Robins Class                                     Kyle - Key Stage 2

    Milli - Ospreys Class                                         Elijah - Wrens Class

    Ava & Luke - Falcons Class                              Summer - Sparrows Class

    Jack - Hawks Class                                           Morgan - Foundation Phase

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    • School Council

      Ysgol PenCoch

      School Council

      It is our policy at Ysgol Pen Coch to provide opportunities for all our pupils to have success every day of their lives. These opportunities are experienced in a range of activities within Pen Coch, Flintshire mainstream schools and the local community. The School Council members are elected by the schools students to represent and promote the wider interest of the students.  

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    • Accessing the Website

      School Council now access the school website and twitter as part of our meetings. Today we learnt how to send a tweet and upload a picture. - 15/5/17

    • Our Gardening Initiative

      Orange Class have done a fantastic job of making their very own sensory area in one of our outdoor classrooms.

      After visiting Ysgol Gwynedd and touring their gardens here are some ideas of what we could do to revamp our Jubilee Garden. 

      What do you think??

      Bug hotel using old pallets 

      using old wellies as plant pots.

      Tyre plant beds

      Woven arches

    • Meeting Minutes

      Please find below a copy of Minutes of our meetings for you to read!

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    • The Welsh Heritage Initiative 2016

      This year YPC school council are leading plans for our Welsh Heritage Award working across the school.

      Our project title for this year is : DIGGING UP THE PAST 

    • Dates/Events

      11/11/16 - School Council to visit the Cenotaph

      10/01/17 - School Council to be involved in TA2 interviews

      28/02/17 - Pupil Voice Questionnaire meeting

      03/03/17 - Parent Pupil Craft Morning

      14/03/17 - School Council to be involved in TA1 interviews

      22/05/17 - School Council to meet with ESTYN inspectors

    • Pupil Voice

      This year questionnaires we given out to pupils asking their opinions about our school. Once we had received the questionnaires back the School Council with the support of Sam(Teacher) analysed the data. Here is what we found.

      44 questionnaires were returned. Some questions were not completed on some of those returned. We think this is because some children didn't understand what the question was asking. 

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