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    Specific Learning Difficulties

    Action for the blind


    Specific Learning Difficulties
    also known as Dyslexia

    A site covering all aspects for supporting people who are blind

    Further Information on interaction by signing

    Autistic society


    phoebe caldwell

    Main UK site for detailed information on Autism

    Attention Deficit Hyperactvity Disorder site 

    Further Information on managing Autism by intensive interaction

    epilepsy society

    food standards agency

    asthma uk             downs syndrome association

    Main UK site for detailed information on Epilepsy

    UK goverment site on all food related issues

    UK national sites for Asthma and Downs information

    national institute for neuro disorders

    Asperga OAASIS


    Detailed information on many Medical disorders

    User friendly site on Asperger and Autism syndrome

    Nut and many other Allergies Information

    SEN Teacher resources

    crick software

    Inclusive Technology

    A useful site with plenty of teaching resources

    A commercial site providing software and support for "Clicker"

    Supplier of software and hardware teaching aids for SEN

    widget software


    Disability Grants


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