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  • Homework Policy

    Homework is not set for all pupils as a matter of course as it is recognised that most pupils would need considerable support from a family member to undertake tasks at home. Parents are provided with current I.E.P.s and with information about the modules of work being studied in each subject over the term. This gives the opportunity for parents to enrich the teaching and learning provided by the school by undertaking supportive visits or research if they judge this to be appropriate to their child. Teachers also make every effort to work closely with parents in the development of self-help and independence skills and in the management of behaviour where consistency between home and school is especially important.


    All parents are encouraged to read and play with their children. Activities may be sent home to share from time to time or families may be requested to support their child’s learning by sending in objects or photograph from home in connection with a specific topic.

    Teachers are always willing to give advice on ways of extending learning at home and will send specific materials if requested. The development of communication skills is a priority for all primary pupils. For pupils using specific programmes such as PECs, parents may be asked to extend this technique into the home environment.

    Parents are encouraged to discuss any issues related to homework at the Annual Review, Parents’ Evening or by contacting the class teacher.