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    • The Use of iPads to Improve Attainment in Technology for Pupils with
      Learning Difficulties : journal of research IAFOR November 14th 2015

      The Successful Futures report recommends computer programming and I.T to be on an equal footing with literacy and numeracy in all classes (Donaldson2015)

      Whilst pupils with learning difficulties could struggle with technology requiring high levels of cognitive competence it is reassuring to note that technological advances can also allow those pupils access to educational opportunities unavailable to them in the past

      Ange Anderson
      Sian Griffiths
      James Murphy

      The Future of Special schools :: and Therapeutic intervention Paperback – 25 Jan 2015 Amazon

        ‘In many educational settings and contexts throughout the world, there remains an assumption that teachers are the possessors of knowledge which is to be imparted to students, and that this happens in neutral, impartial and objective ways. However, learning is about making meaning’
      Ange Anderson
      Andrea Edwards
      Chris Mason
      Hazel Hughes
      Lynne Harkin

      "The Impact of Therapeutic Intervention on the Education and Wellbeing of Pupils with Learning Disabilities "  published 2016 in the International Journal of e-Healthcare Information Systems (IJe-HIS), Volume 3, Issue 2, ISSN: ISSN 2046-3332 (Online),

      Authors: Ange Anderson, Hazel Hughes, Christine Mason, Bernadette Dowridge

      "EQUITY AND INCLUSION OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL'S WALLS" publishers : Wiley-Blackwell Aug 2016

      This paper does not look at the rights of children with learning disabilities to an education in an inclusive setting but the rights of adults with severe or profound learning disabilities to lifelong education and well-being. This paper does not seek for the abolition of special schools but for the extension of their use by their local communities.

      Author: Ange Anderson

      The Impact of Therapeutic Intervention: publishers IASE 2015

      New dimensions towards education,advocacy, and collaboration for individuals with Special needs

      Author: Ange Anderson