Who's Who

Ysgol Pen Coch Staff

Strategic Development

Designated Child Protection Officer

Lead 1st Stage Pioneer Schools: Leadership and Curriculum

Creative Arts Lead: Auditory Integration therapist.

Ange Anderson

Head Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher (P/T 4days)

Foundation Phase Lead

Curriculum Lead

Pioneer Lead for  2nd stage: Curriculum

(Class 2.5 days)

Debra McGilloway - Foundation Phase


Assistant Head Teacher

 Key Stage 2 ( KS2) Department Lead

Assessment Lead

Pioneer Lead for  2nd stage :


Neuro-feedback Therapist

(Class 3 days)

Julian Lewis - Key Stage 2


 Middle Management Team

Sian Edwards - HLTA

(Health and Safety) Nursery Class




Emma Hayes - HLTA

(Manual Handling) Hydro Pool Manager

Bernadette Dowridge - HLTA

(Behaviour) Leadership Cover

Helen Wilson - HLTA

(CPD) Leadership Cover

Collette Smith-Aldous - HLTA

(Communication & Inclusion) Leadership Cover

Rebecca Conway

(ASD Co-Ordinator) Teacher KS2

Chris Mason

(Therapies Lead) Teacher/Therapist 

Teachers - Key Stages

Sian Griffiths

Foundation Phase

Laura Clements

Foundation Phase

Lynne Harkin

Foundation Phase

Heather Lawson

Foundation Phase

       Hazel Hughes       

Foundation Phase

Vicki Ferguson

Key Stage 2

Keelie Parry 

Key Stage 2

James Murphy 

Key Stage 2

Samantha Stenhoff 

Key Stage 2



SITE MANAGER & Caretakers


Andrea (Finance)

Carol (servery)

Geoff Lund
(s/m for YPC)

M. llman

Helen Peers (Administration)

Corinne Dobson(senior MDS)

Peter Turner
(Ysgol Pencoch)

C Picken 

Marie Gould


MDS Staff


 S Williams

Alison Henrys

 (School Meals & DBS) 

M. Davies

S Jones


J. Jones


S. Gittins 




T. Strong




M. Forster




M. Hopwood 



Teaching Support Assistants

Teaching Assistants (Level 2 )

Teaching Assistants (Level 1) & 1 to 1 support

 Sarah Flavell, Julie Cousins, Jo Wooley,
Ceri Joy, Sharon Jones, Bethan Gould, Gavin Shakespeare, Sue Price, Miranda Phillis, Martina Reyes, Amanda Randall-Jones, Haf Loftus

Sarah Evans, Karen Adamson, Karen Shepherd, Katie Duppa, Sharon Williams,
 Bev Taft, Mandy Houston, Grace Chatterton, Karen Gilsenan, Karen Shepherd, Dawn Hopkins, Deb Jones, Sophie Stenhoff, Julie Fallows, Tamsyn O'Boyle, Michelle Roberts, Rachel Sewell, Natalie Gates-Brown, Carly Noble, Suzanne Rush, Roccia Silva, Joanne Heath, Tracy Chowdury, Jasmine Williams


Breakfast Club  & After School Provision

Breakfast Club Manager  

Carly Noble

After School Provision Manager

Mo Robinson 

INCLUSION SUPPORT: Colette Smith-Aldous

Inclusion Support Assistant: Chris McGlade

Parent Partnership : Bernadette Dowridge

Other School - Based Therapists

Julie C, Natalie B, Sue P: Rebound Therapy

Julie F: Vibroacoustic Therapy

Chris Mason: Therapeutic Music & RDA

Emma Hayes : Hydrotherapy

Carol Anderson: Hydrotherapy Assistant

Collete Smith-Aldouis: Makaton,

SLT programmes, 

Hazel Hughes: Therapeutic Art & Play

Lynne Harkin: Tac Pac; Story Massage

Martina Reyes: Venture into Play

Gavin Shakespeare: Lego-based Therapy

Haf Loftus: Magic Therapy


School Nurse and Health Care support workers
The school nurse is responsible for the medical needs of the pupils within Ysgol Pen Coch, which may include enteral feeding and the administration of prescribed medication, which is kept under lock and key. The school nurse attends feeding clinics and medicals when required. She works closely with parents. In addition the School Nurse must ensure that correct guidelines and staff training is carried out regularly to ensure that any health care procedures carried out in class or when on trips are performed to the highest standard.  They act as advisors to the school team with regard to the medical welfare of individual pupils and liaise closely with parents and carers.  The School Nurse is in close liaison with the Paediatricians, Paediatric Community Nursing Team, GPs, Dentists, and the School Medical Officer.

 Visiting Professionals

A wide range of other professionals visit Ysgol Pen Coch on a very regular basis.  They are called upon to act as specialist advisors within their own specific area of expertise.

Occupational Therapy
The Occupational Therapist (OT) works closely with class staff and physiotherapists to find appropriate positioning and seating to encourage the highest level of function as possible. She also liaises with the local wheelchair service to monitor wheelchairs and organise clinics, which are run at Ysgol Pen Coch. The OT assesses hand function and other aspects of daily living skills such as bathing, toiletng and feeding, both in school and at home, on pre-arranged home visits. The OT works with other professionals on feeding assessments.

Educational Psychologists
The school accesses the Flintshire Educational Psychology Service on an individual needs basis.  All new Early Years pupils  usually will be seen by an Educational Psychologist as part of the formal assessment process.

Teacher Advisor
We have contact with the teacher advisers of the Visually and Hearing Impaired who assess pupils with visual and hearing impairment and who act as advisors to teaching staff.

School Doctor
Weekly visits are made to Ysgol Pen Coch by the School Doctor for medical examinations, advice and general medical support.  Pupils have a medical check-up and  the School doctor presents a report as part of the  process.

Community  Nursing Team and CIDs team
We are fortunate to have a range of community nursing facilities open to us.   Parents may request advice or the school may make a referral on a variety of subjects such as sleeping problems, family anxieties, difficulties with siblings and other similar subjects

The community based Dietician visits school regularly to provide advice to the teachers, parents and School Nurse on the children’s’ specific nutritional requirements.  She liaises with the Speech and Language Therapist and specialist doctors to hold a feeding clinic in school on a regular basis.

Regular visits are made to Ysgol Pen Coch by the Orthotist to assess and provide footwear and appliances.

Regular visits are made to Ysgol Pen Coch by the dental service who are able to advise parents of treatment considered necessary for their child.

Wheelchair Clinics
Wheelchair clinics are held at least monthly with the Wheelchair Service. These include reviews and multi-disciplinary assessments involving the pupils and their parent/carers in the decision making. These can be challenging to ensure that the complex needs are met in the most effective way for all concerned. In addition the therapy team provide regular checks on equipment in order to identify mechanical deficiencies or additional requirements.

Doctor ,    Nurse

Tara, Cath 

Occupational and Physiotherapists

Chrisanna, Priya, Adam, Anna

Speech and Language

Liz, Yvonne, Sionedd, Emma, Delyth



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