Topic outline

  • Expressive arts

    Expressive arts

    The expressive arts learning area encourages the children in Ysgol Pen Coch to express themselves creatively and provides them with experiences that will allow them to develop skills in areas such as; communication, fine/ gross motor, regulating emotions, increasing self-esteem and developing cultural awareness.

    The expressive arts area of learning can be split into five different categories which include; music, art and design, dance, drama and film/ digital media

    Music. Pupils will:

    • Experience a wide range of musical activities weekly
    • Explore different instruments, cultures and celebrations
    • Have the opportunity to perform in groups or individually
    • Learn the basics of music; pitch, tempo, rhythm etc
    • Access music technology – music apps, whiteboards apps etc
    • Celebrate the achievements of their own work and others.


    Skills that are developed during music sessions: listening, concentration, increasing confidence, turn taking/ sharing, hand/eye co-ordination, building relationships with others, promoting independence and developing creativity.


    Art and Design. Through both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities pupils will:


    · experience, explore and experiment with a variety of creative techniques, materials, processes, resources, tools and technologies these will include:


    - using their fingers, hands, familiar and natural objects when printing

    - using their hands, tools, dough and recycled materials when modelling

    - accessing computer drawing packages and apps using touch screen devices


    • be encouraged to develop their choice making abilities when using materials and resources
    • experience and begin to communicate and explore ideas, feelings, moods and memories in a variety of creative work
    • experience and begin to imitate established artistic techniques in the creation of their own work as well as taking part in workshops with established artists
    • begin to learn to use creative materials safely with guidance and direction.


    Drama / Dance. Pupils will:

    • Take part in small productions such as the Christmas play, harvest festival etc
    • Take part in dance/ role play for celebrations including Chinese New Year, Diwali and events that promote their own Welsh heritage such as Eisteddfods etc.
    • Have the opportunity to join with the school cheerleading events


    Film / Digital media. Pupils will:


    • Access a wide range of film and digital media relevant to topic/subject.
    • Have the opportunity to create and record short films using technology such as iPads.
    • Make choices and develop preferences regarding media they like/dislike.