Topic outline

  • Health and Wellbeing

    Health and Wellbeing


    This area of learning is focussed on supporting a child’s social, emotional, mental and physical health and their understanding of these key areas vital to promote successful learning. These main components will be the key areas to support and develop in structured and engaging health and wellbeing sessions


    Emotional and mental wellbeing


    This key area will support and teach children how to recognise and learn strategies to best regulate their own feelings and emotions. We follow a number of schemes in school to support and develop a child’s understanding and regulation. Such as the incredible years programme and the zones of regulation.


    Social development


    We aim to develop and improve children’s social skills in various ways. Where possible, regular trips and visits are encouraged in to the local community. Thus, supporting children to develop independence and life skills and form healthy relationships. Trips to local supermarkets, cafes and other like places develops children’s ability to be independent, use money, develop appropriate social skills to support independent living as they get older.