Topic outline

  • Medical support

    School Nurse

    The School Nurse is employed by the North Wales NHS Trust within the Community Nursing Service, and is based at Ysgol Pen Coch.

    She liaises closely with parents and other professionals to provide day to day care, and to promote the health and wellbeing of each child.

    The School Nurse also works in consultation with teaching staff in the development of personal and social education programmes and other aspects of health-related learning.

    Pen Coch also has a paediatric consultant who visits the school regularly and monitors children’s physical and medical needs in a clinic setting. School medicals are carried out annually/ bi-annually on all children, with parents invited in advance. Routine Screening for vision, hearing and weight will be monitored at regular intervals. All routine immunisations are also offered at the appropriate time.


    Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech and Language therapy

    The school receives regular support from other health services who support our pupils through the appropriate therapies. Programmes are developed and delivered by health professional and supported by the classroom staff who liaise closely with them to support their physical needs.



    Any medications to be administered are supplied from home (with written consent), under the supervision of the family doctor or paediatrician. All medicines must be correctly labelled and are kept secured in the medical room or classroom. Any medication is recorded and signed for each time it arrives in school.